Welcome to KarolinaHartZ.com 
Multimedia Artist Artwork; 
      - Original artist paintings, drawings & photography/video
From abstract art to therapeutic creations using various mediums such as; acrylic paint, oil, ink, digital art, animation, musical artwork video, diamond drill painting
& more.
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~ Hope ~
(Acrylic Paint Dancing on Canvas)

~ Papifly ~
(Digital Artwork)

~ ExploZion ~
(Acrylic Painting on Canvas)
24” X 30”

~ Multyheartz Glow ~
(Mixed Media; Ink Drawing & Digital Artwork)

(Acrylic painting on canvas artwork video with background music: featuring Stephen in the Dungeon🎸on the electric guitar🎶🎵, visual artist: KarolinaHartZ.)

(Photos & artwork creations of BC RockZ & GemstoneZ collection, from Quartz Crystal VeinZ to Garnetz, gemstones, gold, jade & more.) 

Thank you,